Digital Advertising

This recently introduced service offers your company a cost effective way of advertising your services to a large local audience in the South Wales area.

We can design and produce animated digital adverts that are placed to run on LED screens in prominent areas of venues with a high footfall ensuring your services are seen by a large target audience. You decide on the content to be included in the advert together with the advert duration and the number of months that the advert will run and we set it all up to loop constantly at your venue of choice.


Services include:-

  • Advert design and creation from start to finish utilising your company logo / corporate style, and listing your company services
  • Any combination of still and animated text, still and animated photos and videos
  • Advert duration can vary from basic cost effective 20 second stings right up to all singing all dancing commercial
  • The placement of your advert in one or more venues of your choice
  • Your advert then runs constantly in a loop
  • Adverts can be placed to run for three, six or twelve month
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