Digital Advertising

The internet is the place for your company to be seen. However, getting your details to the first page of searches by company type can become a bit of a minefield with cost playing a huge part in the whole process.

At Vista Design we can offer an alternative option specifically aimed at local businesses who want to advertise their products locally but at an affordable price. We can produce digital adverts that are placed on TV screens in prominent areas of venues with a high footfall in the South Wales area ensuring your services are seen by a large target audience.

Screens are placed in a number of different establishments. You then decide on the content to be included in the advert together with the length of advert and length of time that the advert will run for. We then do the rest.


Services include

Advert design and creation from start to finish

  • Utilising your company logo / corporate style
  • Your company services
  • Photos of your company
  • Videos on your company

Advert creation including

  • Still and animated text
  • Still and animated photos and imagery
  • Video production


Advert placement and duration

  • Placement in one or more venues of your choice looping continuously
  • Ranging from straightforward 20 second cost effective signage up to 60 second all singing all dancing adverts
  • Adverts can be placed to run quarterly, half yearly or yearly
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