Live / Virtual Events

This is the core of the business and involves the design and production of presentation graphics as well as the operation of graphic and video presentations on your live or virtual event or a combination of both.

Presentation Services

Work has been carried out on everything from external and internal conferences and results presentations, to product launches, awards ceremonies, activity days, AGM's and exhibitions for companies in all sectors of industry. The live on-site work has being undertaken across the length and breadth of the UK to mainland Europe, the Americas, the Far East, Africa and Australia, whilst the virtual event work has been carried out to similar markets from bases in the UK.


Services include:-

  • Pre-event presentation design and production.
  • Pre-event rehearsals and amendments.
  • Rehearsals, amendments and operation of your Powerpoint, Keynote, or video presentation either on-site at your live event or carried out off-site in a virtual setup or a combination of both.
  • Vista Design can also put you in touch with our associates offering other live event services including venue finding, public speaker coaching, logistics as well as other on-site operation services such as set building, audio and lighting.



We can also offer live and online voting for your delegates running seamlessly as part of your presentation giving your audience much greater interactive participation at your event.


Services include:-

  • Interactive audience response systems at your conference or event via delegate smartphones or individual handsets.
  • Used as part of your workshops and focus groups.
  • Used for training and education purposes.
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