Live events

Presentation Services

This is the core of the business and involves the design and production of presentation graphics as well as the on-site operation of graphic and video presentations at your event. Everything from conferences and results presentations, to awards ceremonies, product launches, AGM's and expos.


  • Pre-event presentation design and production.
  • Pre-event offsite rehearsals and amendments.
  • Onsite rehearsals and amendments and audio visual operation of your Powerpoint, Keynote, or video presentation at your live event.
  • Set up of your presentation to run automatically on your exhibition stand if required.
  • Public speaker coaching in conjunction with our associates.
  • Vista Design can also put you in touch with our business associates offering other live event services such as venue finding and full event co-ordination together with on-site services such as production, show calling, sound and lighting operation, set building and event logistics.


Live Voting


We can also offer live voting for your delegates running seamlessly alongside your Powerpoint presentation giving your audience much greater interactive participation at your event.

Delegates can access and vote on your pre-prepared on screen questions either via provided handsets or via their smartphones. The results are then output instantly in real time on screen for discussion, whilst simultaneously recording the results in the background for future reference.


  • Interactive audience response systems at your conference or event via handsets or your smartphone
    - Delegate voting
    - Shareholder voting
    - AGM voting
    - Gain invaluable feedback

  • Workshop and focus groups
    - Risk assessments
    - Health & safety
    - Market research
    - Focus groups
    - Employee engagement

  • Training and education
    - Introduce voting into your training to greatly increase learner involvement and knowledge retention
    - Track learner progress, perform formative assessment and target specific areas for review
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