Live events

Presentation Services

This is the core of the business and involves the design and production of presentation graphics as well as the on-site operation of graphic and video presentations at your event.


  • Pre-event presentation design and production.
  • Pre-event offsite rehearsals and amendments.
  • Onsite rehearsals and amendments and operation of your Powerpoint, Keynote, or video presentation.
  • Public speaker coaching in conjunction with our associates.
  • Vista Design can also put you in touch with business associates offering other live event services such as venue finding, event production and logistics together with other on-site operation services.


Live Voting


We can also offer live voting for your delegates running seamlessly alongside your Powerpoint presentation giving your audience much greater interactive participation at your event.


  • Interactive audience response systems at your conference or event via handsets or your smartphone
  • Workshop and focus groups
  • Training and education
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